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Logo Campaign


Protest and resistance against War:


Price list for stickers and posters of different sizes: see bottom Poster&Stickers
Graphic file available at request

The time:
We are in the year 2003.
The situation:

WAR - A global war is being publicly announced, prepared and actually carried through.
The answer:

NO WAR - Protest and resistance are visible, cannot be overlooked. Transcending external and internal borders. International. Decentralized. Democratic.

The action:
NO WAR Logo.
Put it up everywhere. On physical surfaces and on virtual ones.
In your own environment. Locally, regionally, nationally, globally.
Watch the support for protest and resistance grow on a daily basis.

The ideas: How to deal with the NO WAR Logo
- some practical suggestions.
- Put it up on doors and windows, display it on bags, cars, etc.
- Send it to groups and individuals in other towns & countries.
- Give it as a present to your friends & family.
- Use it for peace marches and actions (e.g. by reinforcing posters with pieces of cardboard and carrying them as signs).
- Use it for announcing events and demonstrations (add motto, place & time at top or bottom of poster).
- Hire billboards or advertising pillars.
- Borrow poster stands from large organisations.
- Use stickers and posters as postcards, notepaper, or packaging material.
- Use computer/internet facilities: Scan the logo in and add it to your homepage; scan and e-mail it to presidents, heads of state, politicians and military officers; scan and distribute it through your mailing list (if necessary, we can e-mail you the graphics).
- Publish it in newspapers, magazines, bulletins, circulars

Photo action:

Take pictures of NO WAR posters and send them to the address given above.

- Who? Pictures could show one or more persons, your family, your colleagues, your class, your friends, your neighbours, your dog along with the poster(s).

- Where? At work, at the zoo, at school, at the theatre, at home Just any place, whether strange or familiar, usual or unusual, famous or unknown.

- When? On any occasion, e.g. at events, actions, parties, celebrations, on trips & journeys,

- What and how? Please send us your photo (approx. 5.1 x 7.1 inches / 13 x 18 cm in size) including details on place, date and the person(s)/group(s) shown.

- What for? For publicity purposes - the NO WAR campaign is to be presented in various media, an exhibition etc.
The NO WAR Logo Action is still in the process of development. You're welcome to share with us any additional ideas and contributions. We appreciate any kind of support for this action as well as any additional information.

NO WAR materials:
Stickers: Individual orders: EUR 0.50 each 5 or more pcs.: EUR 0.45 each 10 or more pcs.: EUR 0.40 each 20 or more pcs.: EUR 0.35 each 50 or more pcs.: EUR 0.30 each Posters: A2 & A 3 - individual orders: EUR 1.00 each 5 or more pcs.: EUR 0.80 each 10 or more pcs.: EUR 0,70 each 20 or more pcs.: EUR 0,60 each 50 or more pcs.: EUR 0.50 each A 1 - individual orders: EUR 2,50 each 5 or more pcs.: EUR 2.30 each 10 or more pcs.: EUR 2,20 each 20 or more pcs.: EUR 2,10 each 50 or more pcs.: EUR 2,00 each Flyers A4 : 50 pcs.: EUR 7.50
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This poster ( I`d gladly die for cheap oil) you can order, too. But only in German.

DIN A1 individual orders: EURO 0,80 each 3 or more pcs.: EUR 0,70 each 5 or more pcs.: EUR 0,60 each 10 or more pcs.: EUR 0,55 each 20 or more pcs.: EUR 0,50 each 50 or more pcs.: EUR 0,40 each Plus postage and packaging.
Thank you in advance for your orders.

NO WAR Campaign
c/o Graswurzelwerkstatt Scharnhorststr. 6
D-50733 Köln / Cologne
Phone: +49 (0)221 - 76 58 -42 Fax -89

Bank details for financial contributions :
Name of Bank: Postbank Frankfurt (Germany)
Sort Code: 500 100 60
Account No. 389 887 606
Beneficiary: Graswurzelwerkstatt Koeln
Please quote : NO WAR

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